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Certain Owners / Developers / End Users approach development in strategic phases / milestones to allow investment and financing stakeholders to make key decisions prior to moving to the following phase. Project Entitlements / Planning Approval is a major milestone that is commonly targeted as a standalone project phase.

Carlin Projects Inc are appointed as Development Manager, as an adjunct / extension of the Owner, to oversee the Entitlement / Planning Approval Phase which includes appointments of all necessary third party vendors including design, engineering, legal / land use, political, traffic and environmental consulting. Early Consultation with local jurisdictional offices is arranged and continued along process to establish expected timelines, submission requirements including fees, city council hearings, and planning / public hearings.

Regular meetings are chaired with the project key steering committee to track the deliverables and checklist completion, and ultimately submit the Entitlement Package for official processing. Attendance at all jurisdictional and public forums is continued, in addition to managing any necessary supplemental information from the third party team, to satisfy any feedback from review board.

Upon successful Entitlements, the Owner / Developer / End-User can make the strategic decision with stakeholders, investors, lenders to move project forward to Permitting & Construction Phase.