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Carlin Projects Inc. has extensive experience in representing lenders – institutional and private – on behalf of their loan facility on projects. Services include establishing protocols with the lender and developer / contractor to allow efficient audit and progress control on the administering of the loan facility.

Key liaison with lenders, attorneys, developers and contractors is maintained from inception and agreement of contracts and throughout the project. We play a key role in negotiation of contracts to ensure the lender’s interests are aligned and accounted for.

Once a project is on site, we attend site on a regular basis and aim to pick up key issues as they arise and ensure the project team are addressing in expeditious manner. We oversee the monthly loan draw requests for all parties included with the loan coverage, ensuring all required items are in place per the loan agreement.

Deliverables include a monthly project monitoring report that tracks the overall loan against the contract. The report also includes an executive summary of the project progress, key issues, and Change Control against original budget, allowing the lender to consider any risks and key items to address with the developer / general contractor.